In Chaos there is Cosmos


How to fall apart
Like a kurta at the seams
Unsalved stitches running deep
Knees worn by constant kneeling
Leather on your back gently peeling
Barely hanging on, by a thread

How to disintegrate slowly
Like bones under the heavy earth
Was the weight of the living not enough
To be jailed in a wooden box
On your head a heavy rock
Encumbers every thought, they call free

How to dissolve completely
Like camphor in thin air
Crushed finely, thinly sprayed
As words from an honored stage
Promised with fever and rage
Then deserted without a trace

How to fade away
Like expensive perfume ten days old
Kept in a bottle with a hole
Lingering on her Sunday best
Covered by flowers on her chest
Hidden desires long forgotten

Art: - Rest - u/MyMinds1 2022