In Chaos there is Cosmos

My Room

The messy room reflects the mind they say
Mahogany wood floors and walls of grey
Light blue on brown lies the frayed hem sweater
Next to a red on white, unsent letter
Cliches, half meant
Empty words, they assure but don’t pay rent
For time was money, on you that I spent
Broke and alone I live alone broken
I gambled away my last welfare token
The messy room
It gathers dust bunnies, she needs a broom
but no one dares clean this cursed tomb
The paint on the wall is peeling, needs glue
Cracks barely hidden with photos of you
To gray they fade
Color ‘em red I could, with a thin blade
think it, feel it, forget then, let it fade
You’ll find a new tenant, I pack and leave
The open road calls, got no time to grieve
I’ll find a tent

Art: The bedroom - Vincent Van Gogh 1888