In Chaos there is Cosmos

The Rainbow Walk

On Sunday you gave me a task
To go on the rainbow walk
“Collect every colour you see,
and bring it back to me”

I am not rich enough
to buy purple clothes
So, I exchaged a morning glory
for a garden rose

I don’t know about indigo
Full of suffering, For a colour we barely see
So, I got some blueberries

I held up my arms, and waited
but the sky didn’t come to me
Then a feather flowed down
with streaks of white and blue

To get green, I celebrated myself
I loafed and invited my soul
For in the library today,
I found some Leaves of Grass

For yellow, I came along
I wrote this song for you
For all the things you do
they were all yellow

Orange was hard to find,
For it doesn’t rhyme
But Bessie was kind
and lent me her hair

For red, I have my blood
When the time comes,
I will bleed for you
For now, will a kiss make do?

Art: J.M.W. Turner - Rainbow (1888)