In Chaos there is Cosmos


“Talk to me!” she smiled as she touched my face. “Have you forgotten the spoken word?” “Parlez vous Francais?” she smiled again. “Hables tu español?” and broke out into a giggle. Suddenly conscious of her laughter, she put a finger to her lips, but her eyes kept on smiling. She then moved her finger to my lips and said, “here take back your words… Here is your french back, merci”. She then pulled her mouth close and kissed my head. “Aqui esta tu Espanol,” she said as she repeated the gesture. “Wait! You don’t hablas Espanol, give it back!” and then she puckered me with kisses all over my face.

She tickled my earlobe, and I moved closer and nestled my head in her bosom. My nose snug in her cleavage could smell her lavender body mist. My ear, now close to the rising chest, could hear her heartbeats. They were relaxed and did not skip a beat. I counted just to make sure. She ruffled my hair and passed her thin fingers through the tangled mess. She barely opened her mouth to speak again but stopped. Maybe she wanted to cherish the silent moment, with the only noise being her heartbeat in sync with mine. I got restless and snuggled. She let out a soft gasp. She then took in a deep breath and sighed. I pulled my head away and looked up, my eyes meeting hers. The sigh was fake. She was just teasing me again. She then moved her head close and touched her nose to mine and said,” So, I’m getting the silent treatment, huh mister… Guess I’ll speak to fill the silence.” then she went on about her day. Her boss had yelled at her, and she was bummed, but more so by the fact that a coworker was getting married. Apparently, the girl was unabashedly showing off her engagement ring, unconscious of her faux pas. She kept going on and on, and all I could do was to look at her pretty face, her eyes rolling at some sentences, and the edge of her mouth crinkling at others.

I almost opened my mouth, but suddenly she stopped and sat up. “I’ll be back in a sec,” she blurted as she got up and walked away. “Maybe she’s getting more wine,” I thought. I wanted to get up, but it’d been a long day, and I was fighting sleep. It was a losing battle. She came back and sat down with a plop. With her legs crossed, she pulled my head up in her lap. Lavender flooded my senses again, and I started drifting away.

When I came to, I could smell smoke. Alarmed, I darted to the source. There was a strange figure on the bed, on my spot, with a light between his fingers. Filing the air with rancid smells. “I have to call for help,” I thought and let out a cry. Startled, the figure dropped the glowing stick on his bare chest and let out a yelp. He then brushed it away quickly and shouted, “Can you please chain this goddamn dog of yours! Jesus!” I heard hurried footsteps, and I ran to them. She smelled of the same smoke. Worse, she smelled of the stranger. I was confused and started jumping. She bent down and picked me up. “Sorry,” she whispered as she carried me to the other room. I struggled, but she held tight. Tired, I resigned. She put me down and locked the door behind her. I finally spoke. I called out her name. I whelped, but she never heard me.

Art: Senecio -Paul klee - 1922