In Chaos there is Cosmos


A Dandelion rises from below, Gaia’s child
and soothes my cracked heels
as I walk home on burdened shoulders
Greeted by vibrant soldiers growing wild

Sometimes I lay down, legs outstretched
on dew-laden leaves of green
tired of the day, back a wreck
Against my neck, a blue flower leans

I wish the grass would grow taller
cover me whole, Earth take me in
As the sun sets and stars assemble
till the moon resembles a silver pin

Let the worms feast on my mortal suit
take back all I have taken
for I’m a leech that keeps on sucking
blood intoxicating, as the piper’s flute

Once they’re done, let me remain
in my brown blanket of solitude
with strangers and lovers long forgotten
was life, now rotten, under thy eternal reign

Let me become a dandelion
Holding my head up in the sun
For they too will walk along soon
on a spring afternoon, my fellow dandelions

Art: Flower Garden - Gustav Klimt (1905)