In Chaos there is Cosmos

19 Haikus for COVID19

Art: Flower Garden by Gustav Klimt (1905)

Golden corona
Sweet beer or deadly virus
I want a haircut

Iā€™m bored, alone
Hanging between life and death
Hooked to iron lungs

Wash! Rinse! Sanitize!
Before you wipe away tears
I just got laid off

Happiness erupts
Seeing my newborn smile Live on a zoom call

T-shirt for a mask
I scrub the hospital floor
Am I essential?

The bank needs money
Give me my stimulus check
The church needs money

Give thoughts and prayers
As I sell my private jet
For greedy workers

Social distancing
She stays two meters away
Break up made easy

I will keep updating this post!

Art: Tenmyouya Hisashi ā€“ Japanese Spirit No. 14