In Chaos there is Cosmos

I seem to forget

Trying out some experimental stuff so bear with me.

I seem to forget The colour of your hair
Was it short with a streak of blue
Or was it green on brown
Like the last day of summer

I try to recall
Your favourite dress
Is that what was blue, like Monet’s lilies
Or was it yellow like Van Gogh’s flowers

I do remember a park bench
Was that a yellow straw hat you wore?
I forget if we held hands
Did you kiss me?

Did we walk or did we sit?
Did you smell like Easter lilies?
I think you were talking
But I never listened

There are so many things I don’t remember
Many more I want to forget
Somethings are about the person you were
Others, about the person I am

Art: SunFlowers - Claude Monet