In Chaos there is Cosmos

The Meeting

On a summer day, in May
You said you were going away
“Where?”, I ask, you smile “
I’ll be gone, only for a while”

Azul summers faded to white
Five hundred days turned into night
I stood still as the earth spun
Under your spell, unable to run

I jumped high, I dove deep
I took pills to help me sleep
Time healed, and dulled the pain
Till they mentioned you again

Did I miss you, you ask
Looking through my flimsy mask
“I used to”, still beguiled
“But I haven’t, for a while”

Now there is someone who
Loves me more than I loved you
I wish I could rip my heart in two
Lo, I’d give the bigger piece to you

Incapable to love I am
I know ’tis is but a sham
Do I even deserve love true?
Yet I ask, do you?

Art: The Two Fridas - Frida Kahlo