In Chaos there is Cosmos

Your Name

As space behind your eyes fills up
With lilac knights and silver tea cups
My eyes are open and they see
Folds of grey on a colourless sea

As you dance on grass velvet green
Skipping stones on lakes serene
I am chained to a leafless tree
Brackish water kisses my knee

You stop you stoop, pick up a flower
Pluck red apples, with gust you devour
My back aches, my head sinks
With every breath my belly shrinks

You chase a doe, giggling with glee
You catch it, kiss it, let it flee
I struggle and the chain sinks deeper
My hollow voice calls for the reaper

Do stop for a moment, do you wonder
Why this bliss, do you ponder?
I clench my fist, try to dream
Hatch a plan, cook up a scheme

Afraid to leave you idyllic life
You left me in eternal strife
Wistful I am, call it wishful thinking
The tree I’m tied to is slowly sinking

Hold a shell close to your ear
Feeble still, my voice you’ll hear
Whisper a lullaby then throw it away
With merciful currents, it’ll float my way

Consider it payment for the ferry
A song of assurance, you needn’t worry
In crescendo, I call out your name
If only you could do the the same

Art: The Death of Chatterton- Henry Wallis